You Are Me – Bass/Piano Cover

Me, Myself, I, and Friend decided to try a different style of covers. My friend Connie had asked me to just do a backing track for here and I figured I might as well record my journey. I’m not some master at the Djembe – it’s my newest instrument I’m learning.  I’ve also attached the nashville number system I made to … Read More

titancronusYou Are Me – Bass/Piano Cover

[Bass Cover] – All These Things I Hate (Bullet For My Valentine)

I heard my favorite “drum covering person” (Meytal Cohen) do a drum cover for this song and immediately I just wanted to do a bass cover.  It’s not perfect, but these are the things which help me better myself…these lil’ nifty challenges.

titancronus[Bass Cover] – All These Things I Hate (Bullet For My Valentine)

The Expendables 2 Review

Finally saw Expendables 2 today after almost 12 hrs grueling waiting since its release… Expendables 2 Review: Summary Rating: 9.975174241602193839343/10 Rating Breakdown: Genre Representation(Action): 10/10 The action was lovely. In ages long forgotten, action films were defined from the moment they started. 1000 years past and it would appear as if this art was long gone. As the prophecy stated, … Read More

titancronusThe Expendables 2 Review