The Expendables 2 Review

Finally saw Expendables 2 today after almost 12 hrs grueling waiting since its release…

Expendables 2 Review:

Summary Rating: 9.975174241602193839343/10

Rating Breakdown:

Genre Representation(Action): 10/10
The action was lovely. In ages long forgotten, action films were defined from the moment they started. 1000 years past and it would appear as if this art was long gone. As the prophecy stated, there would arise a set of heroes to offset this period of serenity. The Expendables. Gun shot overload me seh!!!!! This film had more gun fire than world war III. The amount of knife work and stabbings, it was like an autopsy underworld. People died with so much style, I believe every soul the underworld has now claimed will have a new art of dying to share with their undead mates.

Sound/Background Music: (10/10)
The supporting background music/sound was so subtle but well established. For certain character entrances, you be hinted with a feel first.

Story: (10/10)
The story line on point! You could actually relate to them as to why they were on this mission with such zeal. It was neccessary. Sometimes…respect must be taught…

Character: (9/10)
Character development was done in Expendables 1, in this film, they did build a bit on what was already known. However, i must say, a great job was done in giving each character their fair share of screen time. The entrances for certain characters….WICKED!!!!!!! you just know! I was a bit dissappointed with…the maintenance of a particular character though, but i will say no more on that.
I will comment on my two favorite characters:

This guy is ageless. Still ripped, still a bad ass, still has that “I’m here to take your life” face. All the way through. His character took point in the film and maintained it.

Statham is a mentally sick individual when it comes to a knife; A real shotta. As expected in a fight, he’s practically untouchable, and he maintained his calm nature in a tough situation.

Value: (10/10)
This deserves a 10 for value. There were parts that i just wanted to rewind. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would buy the DVD and rewatch this film. It is totally worth it.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
I definitely enjoyed the film – ESPECIALLY since i watched it in D-Box – every gun shot, every engine rev, every stab – my chair reacted to it. And trust me, there was a lot of all of that. I can fairly say, that the violence quota has been met.

titancronusThe Expendables 2 Review

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  1. Carolyn

    I share a similar sentiment with this movie, But I think it deserve a perfect score in my book.

    ON other matters now, This blog “get up” looks pretty cool.

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