Finding Neel-0

Where in the world is Neel?

Hey guys, I know it’s been quite a while.  There is justification (at least in my beautiful deep brown eyes, there is).  I’ve been wanting to post, but given my transition to my latest employment, I need to be careful about what I post especially as it relates to Software Engineering.

What? Why?

Well for quite a few reasons:

  • I do not want to accidentally divulge information I shouldn’t
  • I do not want to misrepresent my employer by giving solutions and implying that
    • a) This is how I do it at my place of employment and thus it should be right
    • b) This is how my place of employment recommends that it should be done
  • I do not want to jeopardize my job in any way.  Apparently I need it for financial security in this thing I hear about called retirement. #caribbean #westindies


All hope is not lost.  I will still be posting technical articles, some of which will be reposts or opinions on the ones that matter to me.  So please do not burn me at the stake for deviating from my current pattern.  Stay thirsty my friends!

titancronusFinding Neel-0

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