Art: The Opium of the Visually Creative – Part 1

I believe the ability to clearly articulate what you hear, see, feel or think is what defines the word “art”.  I’ve blogged a lot about my thought process (Software Development)  and what I hear (my music covers).  Don’t expect me to blog about my feelings – nope.  However, I do realize that I never spoke about what art is to me.   It’s just another way of paying homage to something that you saw, or something that you wish others could see through your eyes.  I remembered when I first started drawing it was literally with stick figures in my composition book in high school.  I would draw them in different poses then flip the pages to make them fight – just like a flip book.  That sufficed until one day, I met a friend of mine who had his own comic book drawn in one of his composition books.  It was then that I realized that “it was possible”.  It was possible for me to really express what I saw in my head and I didn’t have to be from an entirely different background (rich/gifted/magical being).  Through the power of the undo button – a.k.a – the eraser – I was able to be consistent enough to keep at it.  First started with the basics, such as a side profile of a face, then later moved on to human anatomy so I could understand muscle placement and proportions.  One thing I came to understand was this – If I was going to posses the ability to amplify the images in my head so that they could create the same detailed impact on others that they did to me, I needed something else.  I would need to take my imagination to the level where I’m no longer imagining what I wanted to draw, but rather visualizing it from the moment I closed my eyes as if it were there.  To do this, I had to start watching more cartoons, more Japanese anime, and reading more comics.  As a result, it taught me more about lighting, background, colors and how they complement each other, movement, perspective and much  more.  It took me a while, but it worked.  To the side (or somewhere on the page) is a drawing I did of Deadpool a while back. He’s quite the character in Marvel Comics, and so I figured I’d start  my art portion of my blog with him :).  As I go on explaining my journey in the artist’s world, I figured I’d just include select works from my collection. Here we go.

titancronusArt: The Opium of the Visually Creative – Part 1

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