An Exposition on a Stagnant West Indian Economy: Why We Won’t Come Home (Part III of IV)

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Why We Won’t Come Home (Part III of IV)

Let’s talk about competitive pay.  For example, why would I, with my degree, work for 2500 ECD in Antigua when I could go to St. Kitts and make 3500 ECD? Now all of a sudden, since I can negotiate my pay, maybe I can seriously consider returning home given that such talks are possible and may actually yield some fruit.  Businesses will stop being so relaxed with their low pay and poor customer service and start working on being the best in their industry.  All of a sudden the country becomes a lot more attractive, because we finally have real companies.  No longer will someone in the Fine Arts industry be unable to return home because their country doesn’t provide enough opportunities for it.  They can return to an island that is desperately seeking individuals in that field.  That entrepreneur now has a fighting chance of building a successful business.  All of a sudden, that system for which we can stay in one island and have access to goods and services in another in a timely fashion seems more feasible.  I don’t care about the fact that I gave out a great idea for something I could’ve built and made some good money from, because the entire digital frontier of the Caribbean is yet to be explored.  I could name infinite online services that could easily be built for the Caribbean, but they will never be successful until we start to fix basic problems – problems that could’ve been fixed a long time ago if we studied the patterns of first world countries and took steps to follow suit.

We conclude by eliminating any remaining ambiguity in the article by addressing specific problems in the next part…

Continued in “Why We Won’t Come Home (Part IV of IV)

titancronusAn Exposition on a Stagnant West Indian Economy: Why We Won’t Come Home (Part III of IV)

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